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  • Authored over 150 articles about SAP hybris, eCommerce Solutions
  • Built a first team of hybris developers in Russia from the ground up
  • Every SAP hybris e-shop in Russia has been created by my team (at least by Mar'15)
  • Three SAP hybris projects completed (as team lead & architect), 4th and 5th are under development
  • Author of the largest hybris blog on Internet. >120 articles and 40 videos. All aspects of the hybris development.

    • SAP Hybris certified core developer
    • SAP Hybris certified commerce developer
    • SAP Hybris certified business analyst

  • 24 years of experience in IT industry including software development and complex systems integration using various technologies (PHP, Perl, Delphi, C++, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript and Java-related stack: Java, JSP, Spring)
  • 14 years of managerial experience as project leader, technical/IT manager and project manager
  • 7 years of experience in retail and e-commerce
  • High-level knowledge in e-commerce, software development and DTP
  • Trained in PMI Project Management Professional (PMP) training (PM EXPERT)
  • High-level skills in IT project management, business processes
  • Expertise in systems integration, data migration, business intelligence/reporting, analysis, design and software development
  • Current technical skills in Internet technologies, security and e-commerce
  • Able to coordinate and communicate with project team; able to work independently and within a team
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2015 EPAM, United States Solution Architect, SAP hybris development E-commerce
  • Lead Solution Architect on a large hybris project
  • Author of 100+ articles about SAP hybris internals
  • Integration: Hybris and 
    -- Avalara Tax + SAP Hybris 
    -- OKTA SSO + SAP Hybris (backoffice + customers)
    -- AngularJS 2 + SAP Hybris 
    -- Experian QAS /SAP Hybris integration (address verification)
    -- Adobe eSign (Echosign) integration
    -- OpenNLP+Solr+Hybris (natural language search)
    -- PDF generation/parsing
    -- Brightcove integration (video)
    -- Facebook messenger / SAP Hybris integration (bots)
    -- Facebook API integration (Facebook graph: likes, profile etc.)
    -- PredictionIO in SAP Hybris
    -- Microsoft Bot Framework in SAP Hybris
    -- Drools Fusion / SAP Hybris integration (real-time personalization)
    -- REDIS / Hybris integration (centralized sessions)
    -- Nginx+Memcached+Hybris and
    -- Varnish+MongoDB+Hybris for page fragment caching
    -- Enhancing native hybris-SOLR integration (+MoreLikeThis, highlighting)
    -- SOLR 6 + hybris 6 (version 6.0)
    -- SOLR Cloud + hybris 6 (version 6.0)
    -- SOLR automatic facet discovery: concept-aware search
    -- Google Maps and hybris: GEOFENCING. Shipping/sourcing zones.
    -- Adobe DAM / hybris integration
  • Other challenges:
    * Fast data import using SLD (2 times faster than IMPEX)
    * Customer-specific prices (500K customers have their own prices)
    * Customer-specific availability (500K customers have their own product availability rules)
    * Multi-country content catalogs in hybris
    * Promotion Engine: Could have fired DYNAMIC messages. 
    * Promotion Engine: Non-standard promotions (premium customer lists etc)
    * Consolidating of content and product search
    * Localized messages in hybris B/O
    * Travel Accelerator 1.0 and 2.0: in-depth study
    * Data migration w/Pentaho ETL and custom tool
    * Multi-line product search
    * Image Crop & resize in hybris product cockpit
    * Console Tools Suite for hybris: impex, flexiblesearch, cronjobs, type system, configuration, logging etc
    * Prformance testing with Tsung and JMeter

    * SAP Hybris Marketing (BA level)

2013 TeamIdea, Moscow Head of e-commerce, SAP hybris development E-commerce
  • Responsible for all the e-commerce projects in the company.
  • Responsible for current Hybris-based projects (management, architecture).
    - (Technonikol)
    - Technosila (solition design phase)
    - Technodom
    - Rive gauche
    - Bosch Hausgeräte
  • All SAP hybris e-shops by mid 2015 in Russia have been created under my management 
    Technical review/audit
    - Detskiy mir
  • Interactive Fitting Room (from scratch; RFID + hybris + custom software, presented at SAP Forum). My presentation:
2012 ENTER, Moscow Head of development Internet services
  • Work very closely with CEO, IT Director, partners and contractors; Reporting to IT Director;
  • Arranged and managed key projects in areas such as Website development and ERP (1S) integration.
2012 Mail.Ru Group, Moscow Research and Education Director, Deputy Technical Director Internet services
  • Was responsible for a number of marketing and educational projects (with a high level of IT integration):
  • Teсhnораrk@Mаil.Ru. it is designed to select and train students who will in future get jobs in Group structures. It has 22 teachers and 120 students.
  • the largest East European Programming Contest, Russiаn Cоde Cuр (3000+ participants,200+ guests, public talks and interviews broadcasted online)
  • the largest free-to-attend IT conference TechForum Mail.Ru 2012 Spring (1000+ participants, 20+ talks) and TechForum Mail.Ru 2012 Autumn (1000+ participants, 24+ talks)
2010 — 2011 Chronopay B.V., Moscow R&D Director e-commerce
  • Perform PCI-DSS security assessments in accordance with the PCI security standard and local laws,
  • Carried out PCI DSS Level I formal assessments in SRC GmbH (documents, negotiations with the auditor etc.).
  • A major integration project was successfully completed( the ChronoPayTransaero-Sabre GDS),
  • harmonized the processing software development and technical support system,
  • organized the development and launch of the new web-site.
2009 — 2010 Svyaznoy, Moscow CTO/e-commerce e-commerce
  • Reporting to director for direct sales;
  • my role was system architect role with product manager
  • By 2010, I built a scalable and reliable solution that “survived” without any problems after 100,000 hosts before NY (GA), 160,000 in spring of 2010. Previously, the site could hardly maintain 40,000 hosts.
  • recruited, trained and managed a team of highly qualified experts (2-8 persons)
  • completed a project of geographically distributed federal e-commerce system of
  • 200 standalone terminals in a two-month period, within the commitment plans and budgets, and with a small team of 2 specialists; and in three months from the beginning of development – a new system was successfully released and launched,
  • automated the billing system: price-lists from e-mail are published at the site automatically,
  • implemented a task management system and version control system
  • developed and introduced SLA for the Department
  • launched electronic payments (Yandex.Money, VISA/Mastercard, RES. WebMoney)
  • worked out CRM, BI projects.
2008 — 2009 Web Media Group, Moscow CTO (Chief Technical Officer) Internet, software
  Area of responsibilities: 6 companies of the holding, 10 web sites, more than 20 servers, over 100 employees. Achievements:
  • successfully prepared and implemented a hosting cost optimization project for the company's servers - saved over 40% of the monthly budget;
  • completed a load testing project;
  • organized and implemented a project management system in the company in accordance of PMI PMBOK Standard;
  • actively participated in selecting contractors, quality control and acceptance of their works;
  • actively participated in the project of acquisition and launch (technical part);
  • developed technical specifications and terms of reference;
  • coordinated and supported technically the holding
2007—2008 RBC SOFT, Moscow RosBusinessConsulting, Armada Head of complex project department IT, internet
  • managed the following projects: Children's Portal ( and International Portal (, the Customer of these two projects - the Moscow City Government);
  • ensured bid documents to be prepared in due time;
  • coordinated development of technical specifications, contracts, certificates, reporting documents;
  • ensured receipt of payments from the Customers;
  • ensured the work of the Children's Portal Development Unit, including editing, programming and PR;
  • conducted presentations and negotiations with partners and the Customer’s representatives.
2006 — 2007 RBC SOFT, Moscow RosBusinessConsulting, Armada Head of Project Management department Internet, software
  Key responsibilities:

Done the best to ensure the effective work of the department and project managers, hired and trained the staff, carried out the regular quality audit, participated in key negotiations and conducted presale presentations, designed and implemented the presale management system.

Achievements : the Department completed more than 100 IT projects per year for large government and commercial customers in the total amount of $ 2 million per year.

2004 — 2006 RBC SOFT, Moscow RosBusinessConsulting, Armada Project Manager Internet, software
  Achievements: more than 50 completed projects of different scale and areas (web sites of Euroset’, Ingosstrakh, FGC UES, SU-155, Perekrestok,, Republica, PROTEK, Slavinvestbank, Russia IC, etc.), the total cost of all projects is over $2.5mln
2003 — 2004 ArtStyle Group: Mobil Telecom, Moscow ArtStyle Group
Deputy Director for Development telecom
  Key responsibilities: worked out the company’s strategy, organized negotiations with partners, elaborated possible technical and organizational solutions. Because of a decline in the pager market of Mobile Telecom, areas of new business activities were developed (IP telephony, CALL-Center).
2001 — 2004 ArtStyle Group: Artstyle design studio, Moscow ArtStyle Group
Head of programming department Internet, software
  Key responsibilities and achievements: organized development of own cross-platform programming language, Art Publishing (, C++/Unix/Windows), designed specifically for rapid web development, organized the development of CMS ContentRIGHT - the control system completely based on Art Publishing + MySQL; the internal project management and intranet system Workout was released; start-up project
2000 — 2001 Portable Systems, Moscow
Head of programming department Internet, software
  Key responsibilities and achievements: was responsible for development and launch of the following projects:,,, etc;
2000 — 2000 Service+Print, Moscow Designer DTP
1991 — 2000 operated as Print Designer /Programmer at different Publishing Houses in Moscow, Ryazan, Kolomna


1994 — 1999 Ryazan State Radio Engineering Academy (University), Computers and Internet Master degree
2001 — 2003 Moscow State Open Pedagogical University, Pedagogics (postgraduate, 2 years, hasn't been finished)
2013 SAP hybris platform core developer SAP  
2012 Public Speaking Course Samolov and Samolova, Certificate
2009 Conversational English Course, upper Intermediate Buziness Class,
2008 General English Course, Upper Intermediate Buziness Class,
2007 General English, Intermediate 3 Buziness Class, Certificate
2010 ITIL v.3 IT Expert, Certificate
2007 SEP-EXP Managing stakeholder expectations RUSSEE/TEKAMA, Certificate
2007 SEP-REQD Requirements Development RUSSEE/TEKAMA, Certificate
2006 SEP-REQM Requirements and changes in software development RUSSEE/TEKAMA, Certificate
2006 SEP-PEP Software project estimation RUSSEE/TEKAMA, Certificate
2005 PMPW02 Practical methods of effective risk management, change management and project team management. IT Expert/PM Expert, Certificate
2005 PMBS02 ANSI PMI PMBOK 3rd edition IT Expert/PM Expert, Certificate